Website Process

We will design and program a new web site with updated graphics that will result in a powerful design for your home page and subpages. The goal for the aesthetic design will be to offer a clean, contemporary look, utilizing Responsive Web Design (Learn more about RWD). The overall design will allow for maximum use of screen real estate for text, particularly on interior pages.

We have a client-tested, proven website development and project management process that begins with a client survey that engages the key players and delivers input on needs, wants and design ideas. Once this survey is completed, we hold a kickoff meeting to review the input and lay out the project timeline, process and requirements (things like approval turnarounds and responsibility, lead point of contact, etc.). We will schedule weekly project update meetings (don’t worry, some can be phone calls!) for the duration of the project schedule right through training on the CMS and launch. We find that a set meeting and project schedule keeps projects on track.

The next step is development of a Site Map that delineates the menu structure and organization of the site. Once the Site Map is approved, we will provide initial wireframes for the homepage and interior pages that show how the pages will be structured without the distraction of color, photos or typography.

Next, we will present you with “flat” Photoshop layouts for the homepage and interior pages. Included in this estimate are three rounds of design revisions for the home page and interior page designs.

We then begin programming the site. We use WordPress as our Content Management System,  (Learn more about WordPress)

A website’s position in Google® search results are based on a number of factors. In order to improve a site’s ranking, our development will also take into consideration the guidelines that will help Google® find, index, and rank your site. We also offer our SEO Tool Kit.

Finally, the site will be tested on different browsers and devices while on our development server. Once tested and approved, we are ready for training and launch.

Click here to see some samples of websites we have designed.